Reincarnation -— Male and Female Sexuality In Children Who Claim To Have Had Past Lives

Science has almost proven, compiling the data collected so far, that there is powerful evidence human consciousness exists apart from the brain and the material body, and even survives the physical death of the body. This theory supports claims of humans having a soul and that reincarnation is a real event. That we lived before birth and will continue living after death. 

"You are not my real mother and father!" 

A lot of children believe their parents aren't their real parents. Almost every child believes at one time or other that they were adopted. I did! They believe at one time they were someone else. They remember other people as their real parents. 

Dr. Ian Stevenson who studies children with past lives says, it starts to happen shortly after the child begins to speak and to compile sentences to form concepts. Not only things like, you are not my parents but statements that are more shocking. 

Say, your child is in the back seat of the car and you're driving down the street. As you pass a house the child says,

 "That's where I once lived."

The kid describes it inside and out, knows the neighbours by name and tells of a hole in the wall, where she used to hide. She begs you to stop and you do. The kid jumps out of the car and runs to the stranger in the yard, next to the house. She calls the person by name.

Strange things like this have happened, there are many documented reports.

These odd episodes become more frequent as the child ages. The child even describes the details of their death and builds phobias related to knifes, guns, plastic bags, or whatever killed them, lasting a life time! 

The child seems different somehow. Their personality changes to become more like the person they describe they were in another life. A birth mark is claimed to be the wound, the spot that killed them. There has been numerous document cases. Just Google it.

Surprisingly, one of the most alarming claims for parents is; their children claim to have been the opposite sex in their previous life, which could explain tom-boys, little girls dressing like boys and playing sports, boy things. It could also explain cross-dressing, little boys dressing up like little girls, playing with dolls etc. The parents really get upset about this, so they disbelieve any association with reincarnation.

Of course these apply only if the child exhibits such behaviours compulsively and naturally. I'm just making a suggestion, here! Don't jump the gun. I'm not suggesting children are lesbians or homosexuals because of past lives, that would be ridiculous. 

Most parents don't have to worry. It surprises me why they would in the first place. The child's memory of a past life slowly diminishes and is completely forgotten about, by the age of 6 and can only be recalled through Regression Hypnosis therapy, if it can be recalled at all.

But to some (very few) children that do show signs of such behaviour, they could carry on those behaviours, throughout their lives. They forgot about a past life but still carry on with the traits of the person in that past life. 

We all know a few masculine woman and some really effeminate males.

Then again, that's another blog.

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