"Never Events" Can You Trust The Medical Profession To Save Your Life?

Let me first list the first six major causes of death in North America from the largest down.

1.    Heart Disease the major cause of death.

2.    Cancer a close second.

3.    Stroke right up there.

4.    Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease. Smoking.

5.    Accidents 

6.    Preventable Medical Errors

As you can see I've high-lighted and ended at the 6th most common cause of death, Preventable Medical Errors but the list doesn't stop there, it goes on, right down to slipping on a banana peel. 

Let's focus on Preventable Medical Errors

Medical Errors are errors made in hospitals that shouldn't happen, classified as "Never Events," but they happen and are on the increase at rates unprecedented in history. They did a study in 2005 and published it in a medical journal (JAMA) and found out 1/3 of all medical procedures are done incorrectly and unprofessionally (e.g. the basement dentist recently uncovered by a police sting in Vancouver.).

Two to four hundred thousand people die a year globally from unnecessary and/or improperly administered medical procedures. Joan Rivers comes to mind. 

Broken down, most people while in the hospital die from adverse reactions to the drugs they were improperly prescribed, over-dosing and under-dosing.

Then, there are the infections while a patient is in the hospital, another major killer. The super-bug, Ebola. In every hospital today with some upon request, giving out free hand washing, gloves and masks. Why? They know what's floating around in the air and on the surfaces of things. All you have to do is look under a microscope at a swab from a hospital door knob to know what I mean. In Vancouver, knobs are outlawed, from now on all future installed doors will have handles instead of knobs.

Never before has man been so medicated. We are the most sickly ailing people of all time history. So many myths abound like; Vaccines, will make you healthy. Fluoride, will make your teeth and bones strong. Pharmaceuticals prevents disease. Doctors are experts in health. You have no role in your own healing. Conventional western medicine is more advanced. Hospitals are for health and healing and finally, Disease = bad luck, or bad genes.

Then again, that's another blog.

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