Man-made Hamburger - From A Petri-Dish.

Can you imagine, designing that perfect t-bone steak, plumping up that chicken breast, making that roast a little more blood red and juicy? Meat as we know it will go the way of the dinosaur. It is now possible, (still in the infancy stage) for man to produce meat on a grand scale from a petri-dish, using the stem cells from cows. A new quick renewable source of protein. The meat would be a living entity but have no brain. It would have no feelings or consciousness. 

Which would mean there would be no more need for slaughter houses. All those animal lives that will be saved, all the pain and suffering. Butchers will go the way of the blacksmith. The oceans will once again swarm with billions and billions of fish. All animals will become pets, their lives to be cherished as much as human lives.

Not only that, but think of all the grazing land which will no longer be needed. We will be able to restore all that land back to its original pristine condition. 

All the farts that won't be farted. Methane and other green house gasses gone, the ozone layer replenished.

There will be no more hunger. Famine and starvation will be a thing of the past. 

There are a few negative things that we will have to face during this transition: The disappearance of the American Icon, the Red Barn, to name one. What about poor, poor ElsieShe will only be remembered as a cute mascot with long eye lashes.

I never liked Soy as an alternative to meat, even though I know it's beneficial, especially for warding off cancers. More land will become available as the Soy bean farmers go bankrupt.

Hopefully this new petri-dished-out meat, contains no GMO.

Then that's another blog.

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