King or Queen, A Tree, A Bird - What's In A Name? I Still Get Lost.

Have you ever noticed that almost every city has a Main Street, or that every city in North America has a street named after a tree; Elm Street, Maple, Oak Street, Pine, or a street named after bird; Fitch, Robin, Canary, sometimes a whole area might be called Birdland, with a Birdview, and a Birdsnest, usually in a suburb from the 70's. How about, royalty? Every city has a King and Queen Street, a Victoria Street and a Prince George, Prince Edward, etc., followed by a Blvd.

All cities have a West End, East End, like Vancouver and a downtown and an uptown, a North End and a South End. Most cities have a railway track, giving one side the distinction of being, "the other side of the tracks," referring it as a Dead End. Some have a lower and others have an upper, like Hamilton, Ontario, which have both. Others, newer and older districts as Quebec City.

Don't forget numbers; either printed as 1, one or First, 2, Two or Second, after ten add a th, right into the six digits depending on the size of the city. Surrey is just numbers, either an avenue or a street. It was confusing at first. Numbers are used when they've run out of names. To add confusion they could be Avenues and Streets criss-crossing each other.

We've all been to parties in the burbs or the Heights, or other neighbourhoods near city parks named after politicians. Some lucky ones have smooched, parked on Lover's Lane. Or down at the Beaches. Vancouver has beaches named after numbers along with their bridges.

Talking of traffic lanes, we have Collector Lanes, HOV Lanes, turning lanes and bicycle lanes, right of way lanes and parking lanes. This way, that way, one way, both ways, two way, bi ways, highways and express ways.

There's so many names just for the pavement; Street, Avenue, Alley, Way, Boulevard, Cul de Sac, Road, Court, Place, Wynd, Close, Trail, Path, Cut, Through-fare, Crescent, Highway, Terrace, Via Ducts, Walks and so on, and so on. Just to name a few. Don't laugh, I could go on and on, in English let alone in French, with Rue etc. Most named after Saints.

The poor plain Jane Streets, the Mary Streets, and James Streets. Starting from A, ending in Z. The John Does' of street names. The shanty towns, the slums, the ghettos and the hoods.

King or Queen, a tree, a bird, what's in a name? I still get lost.

Then again, that's another blog.

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