In Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Does "Random Occurrence" Really Makes Sense?

There's no getting around it, Darwin's Theory of Evolution is full of fun facts. You start with a seed, nourish it and over time, a hell of a long time; life-forms will eventually evolve. But, and this is a big but, Darwin believed in the false notion of "Random Occurrence."

For one thing; Random Occurrences do not create an entirely new species from nothing. Concentrated intelligence is the missing link. The life force which brings about change and new species is an ever changing sequencing of DNA and it's not always nature that causes these accidents. It's what called futurists call Intelligent Design, the theory of life, the earth. What the hell, the whole universe, meaning it could not have happened by chance, something intelligent had to have designed it, the world and us. It's the only answer. 

I'm a bit confused, so I ride the fence and leave myself open to all opinions and theories, I certainly agree and I would have to be an idiot not to agree with Darwin's Theory of Evolution. But there's something more.

Let's face it. The most simplest of living cells are a complex detailed structure of machine-like complexity. To leave it all up to nature is a bit suspicious wouldn't you think? Haphazardly, the mixing of a few chemicals, a soup of elements and adding a jolt of electricity and then instilling in their DNA a substance, if you want to call it that, "a will to survive" and want to reproduce themselves, that possibility is nil to non-existent.

It just can't happen. Life had to begin somewhere else. 

Then again, that's another blog.

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Ref: Intelligent Intervention - Robert Steven Thomas

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