Growing old is natural. Then you die. But did you know that the older you live the more unnatural it becomes?

The general population of Canada is getting older. People are living longer and it's becoming quite the problem.

Our ancestors in the middle ages never had this problem. Before medicine no one lived long enough to experience old age. To reach 30 and still be able to stand, you were one of the lucky few. They new nothing about old age. 

Today, medicine rules the ageing. You are not permitted to die. Doctors are under obligation to keep you breathing. It doesn't matter what kind state you are in. You could be a vegetable, severely demented as many Alzheimer's are living today, unable to control their bowels or eat, unresponsive to the least of stimuli and family, maybe even in severe pain, but no matter, keep them living at all costs. Save them for their next bout of pneumonia that will surely kill them. If you don't die, trust me, they'll still try to save you.

Average old age in Canada is about 78-80 years. Back in the 1900's it was 47 years of age, and surprisingly the fastest growing segment of the population is people 85 and up. About 40% of deaths today are preceded by up to ten years of disability, and enfeeblement. 

How much of this nonsense can we take? Don't get me wrong medicine has been one man's greatest achievements, especially in keeping us healthy to a ripe old age but in the end, shouldn't we let people "Die With Dignity." 

That's why it's so important now-a-days to have a Living Will. Chances are you'll live well past 65 and many of us will be in a state of prolonged frailty. Get it down in writing what you want done after the lights go out but the power is still on, before it's too late.

Then that's another blog.

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