Electrical Brown Outs — If It Continues Any Longer I'm Going To Bed!

Here I am sitting in the dark, the second night of brown outs in a row of electrical power failures. All this rain and wind has downed a few trees knocking out a few power lines. It's making me realize how important electricity really is and how it affects our daily lives. How did our forefathers exist without it? Luckily, I have my trusty lap top. I push a few buttons, it comes on. Then I realize I can't get on line, no Internet. I'm screwed. I almost start to convulse, I break out in a sweat, I turn ugly. 

So I think, I'll write this blog here on the laptop in Windows and transfer it over to the Mac and onto my blog when the power comes back on. If it was going to be anything like last night lasting the whole night, I'll be going to bed shortly. It's only 11 o'clock and I'm a night owl, three or four is not uncommon for me. The power didn't resume until 10:30 the next morning. This time, I won't be staying up and waiting long, I'll be going to bed.

The batteries on the flash light are dull. I, not thinking that I would need them tonight, left it shining for hours last night, so I'm turning it off now in case I need it later. Now, the only light I have left is a three quarter stump of red candle, threatening to burn out. I'm blowing it out, just in case I need what's left of it for later. 

It suddenly got a lot darker. Black as in black as black can be. I can't remember ever seeing such blackness, blacker than camping out in the middle of a forest on a moonless night and having to pee. That black!

It's just me and the glow of the computer screen. I can't believe how quiet it is. Not a sound. The wind had died down. I usually have music playing or the television set turned on for background ambience but now, not even the refrigerator makes its usual gurgling sounds like it normally does. 

It's nights like this I wish I had company. We could have a ance or play on the Ouija Board but no that's not in the cards, so to speak. I'll sit here instead, in the dark, for a few more minutes. Maybe I'll roll a toke, sit back and enjoy looking at nothing and listening to the eerie silence of the night if the power is still out after that, I shall be going to bed.

Damn, I should have recharged the lapt........

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