Because You Believe In Something, Does Not Make It True.

Take Muhammad, the Muslim Jesus, from the QuranA baby is born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The year is 570 C.E. 

He grew up an orphan becoming a shepherd, tending sheep. He married when he was 25. 

Life went on, Muhammad tended his sheep. Then, nearing his 40th birthday in 610 he had this great revelation. He was noticing how cruel the people were in Mecca and so, left the community he lived in and went to live in self-imposed isolation, in a cave called Hira, somewhere in the nearby hills. While he lived in this cave he had conversations with Allah (God), through an interpreter, an angel named Gabriel. These talks lasted 3 years.

Later, he decided to return to Mecca with this new information and spread the word.

The people of Mecca, didn't really care for Muhammad. "The nerve of this guy," the Mullahs and other tribal leaders thought, "Thinking himself a prophet." 

They beat him and his followers. Ridiculed and harassed them, even threatened him and them with death.

Like any normal person he feared for his life and moved to a rival city in Saudi Arabia called Medina, an arch enemy of Mecca. This is where Muhammad's fame skyrockets. For eight years he led the Medinians in battle against the Meccans and in 622 C.E. eventually overwhelmed them. 

*Note the word overwhelmed, meaning to bury, or drown beneath a huge mass. To defeat completely and leave a strong emotional effect on. To give too much and to be too strong.

He claimed at the time to be the last prophet chosen by God to appear on Earth before the second coming.

Of course this is all hearsay. Muhammad could not read or write. There is no actual written account of what was revealed to him in the cave. The people he preached to were also illiterate, there is very little to almost nothing written at the time, that Muhammad even lived and walked on Earth.

Abu Bakr
What is written in the Quran is allegedly written by Muhammad's best friend and associate Abu Bakr, who succeeded Muhammad after death. What Abu did was he collected and compiled hundreds of oral sayings from the area over several years and assembled them into what was to become the first copy of the Quran. Muhammad had no say in what was printed. Sorry folks! He was long dead.

The Quran originated from the memories and recollections of mortal man as best as could have been described in those times, not God, nor Gabriel. It has no meaningful order, a beginning, middle or end. A miss matched compilation of alleged sayings of Muhammad. 

Most Muslims today, believe the Quran word for word, as it is written, but just because you believe in something, does not make it true. This also goes for other religions as well. The Bible is full of things that Christians want you to believe, Jews have the Torah

Then, that's another blog.

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