Alternatives I,II & III - Are We In The Process of Depopulating Earth?

Nuclear war is eliminated as a possible way to depopulate Earth. The purpose of Alternative I, II, & III is to depopulate humans from the Earth, not to kill all living things. 

The depopulation conspiracy theory, Alternatives I, II & III, bringing the population level down from 7 billion to 500 million.

Alternative I

Alternative I is being executed right now. This is how it is being done...

The first step to depopulating Earth is to separate the rich from the poor and create resource wars causing distrust amongst races and religions, as is happening right now all over the world, due to famine, oil, land and water, not to exclude religion and race themselves. Millions will die as the population kills one another.  

Next, introduce exotic viruses in a soft kill program performing a huge human cull. AIDS was only one of the exotic viruses to be used, which was supposedly created at Fort Dietrick in Maryland, by a Dr. Robert Gallo, to rid the world of undesirables; blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals, administered in a massive smallpox vaccine campaign in Africa, by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1977. 

Polio vaccines from 1953 until 1963 were deliberately contaminated and administered, by Dr. Maurice Hillerman working for the Merck drug company with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus. 

The list goes on, San Francisco being the target, during the 50's, 60's, & 70's. No one remembers the CIA's Evergreen Air plot, Chemtrails, where they sprayed the city with the insecticide, Malathion. 

To this day, San Francisco has a very small insect population, compared to other American cities.

AIDS did not work. Now, there is Ebola.

There are other Alternatives, II & III

Alternative II 

Moving the entire elite population to underground cities called DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bases and Structures and wait it out. Sound too far fetched? Well, there are 130 such installations around the world, ready for 80,000 people each, with supplies to last 30 years or more.

Alternative III

Transporting the worlds most intellectual, richest, and government elite to another world, using the Moon base Luna as a way station, then relocating the population to the planet Mars. The plan is dubbed, Adam and Eve, which would eventually turn the Martian terrain into a hospitable place, and would leave the world's elite with an escape and the rest of us, to die.

Still don't believe me? Why the sudden interest in Mars exploration? And who the hell are the Bilderbergers Group, the masterminds behind the whole depopulating Alternatives? Is there a fourth Alternative?

Yes there is but, that's another blog.

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