What Should You Do If You Have An Encounter With A Sasquatch While Camping?

You've decided on a camping vacation with your family; your wife and two kids. After looking at all the options you decide to camp in Pemberton, in a provincial park, just north of Whistler in British Columbia.  An area known for Sasquatch sightings.

It was hard work, setting up the tent, plus the pup tent for the kids, preparing dinner, roasting weenies and marshmallows, so you all decide early to go back to the tents and retire for the night. During the night you hear these strange screams. The kids become afraid and move into your tent with you and your wife. You've never heard an animal like that before and it sounds like it is quite near.

You all eventually fall asleep.

You're wakened by the sound of foot steps outside of the tent and you immediately think bear. You slip out of your sleeping bag without waking the others and half stand up inside the tent unzipping the window cover. What you see amazes you. 

A Sasquatch, "Bigfoot" is standing right beside the tent, it hears you unzip the zipper and he see's you looking at him as he tries to hide behind a nearby tree. Yikes!  

This is what you should do.  Run!

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