Two Russian Bombers Flying Close to Canadian Airspace. Is Canada Capable of Defending Itself?

Today, two Russian Bombers were intercepted by two Canadian CF-18s, 50 kilometres from Canadian Airspace

Should we be alarmed?

The bombers entered the Air Defence Identification Zone, where all aircraft must report and identify themselves. It's also been reported that 6 other Russian bombers on the same day were intercepted 60 miles off the coast of Alaska. Two U.S. F-22s were scrambled to intercept.

Moscow shrugged it off as just another military exercise, like it said it had done a couple of weeks prior, flying 2 planes low over a Canadian frigate and a U.S. warship in the Black Sea. This is the 50th time that this has happened over the last 5 years.

The Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force merged into one in 1968 and are governed by the Queen's Regulations and Orders and the National Defence Act on a budget of over $20 Billion a year.  That's a lot of cash and that's every year, in peace time. With all that cash you'd think we would be 5th or 6th on the world scale for military might but no...

Comparing the total number of personnel involved with the Armed Forces we are the 74th largest. Active personnel ranks the 58th position on the world scale, with a might of approximately 68,000 men. There are also 27,000 reservists, 5000 Rangers and 19,000 extra reserves, with a grand force of about 120,000 personnel and growing.

Our Navy is composed of an ageing, 33 warships and subs, divided between the west and east coasts. The Army consists of three field-ready brigade groups designed in British fashion and the Air Force contains 258 manned aircraft and 9 drones.

That's it!

But then again, we have our friend, our big brother and protector, the United States of America. Who hates bullies, living right next door.

Should we be afraid? 

No. Together we stand, Canadian and Americans. It helps that America's Armed Forces are #1 in the number of military personnel and has a budget of $554.2 billion annually, making it the most powerful military might in the world.

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