The Murder Weapon - A Vanilla Milkshake

I love milkshakes. Vanilla is my favourite, especially from the White Spot Restaurant. They are to die for. 

If you are ever visiting Vancouver, you should stop in, at one of their 60 locations across western Canada and have one of their Triple-O Burgers with a side of fries and a vanilla milkshake. 

Back in the 60's, there was a radio personality by the name of Rene Castellani, known for his outrageous promotional stunts, such as sitting atop the 10 story high BowMac sign (still standing) for 8 days, until every last car was sold or at another time coming up with a hoax that some Arabian maharaja was wanting to buy the whole province of British Columbia. A lot of people fell for it, and became alarmed.

Well, he had a wife named Esther who like me, also loved vanilla milkshakes. Her doting husband Rene brought her one every night for 19 years when he returned home from work. 

One day, poor Esther took sick, getting sicker and sicker by the hour. She was fumbling through a drawer to find an aspirin but found a note instead. It was a love letter written by her husband, not to her but intended for another woman. She confronted him about it. No one knows what was said, but it was revealed he was having an affair.

She kept getting weaker daily, until bedridden. She complained of lower back ache, headaches, stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and numbness in her fingers and toes, eventually unable to move.

Rene took his wife to the hospital, where she slowly declined and after two months died, a young woman of 40. Rene was coming into the hospital room with a vanilla milk shake in one hand when he was told about her passing. It was reported he immediately went to the washroom and dumped the milkshake down the toilet. The nurse heard him flush twice.

Unfortunately, for Rene a new intern at the hospital suggested an autopsy. They found she had 1,500 times the normal level of arsenic in her body. She had been poisoned.

Rene had plans to marry his lover after his wife passed, but that was all thwarted after police searched his house and found under the kitchen sink a box of Triox weed killer. The amount taken out equalled the amount that killed her. Forensic scientists discovered in the hair of the deceased, that the time Rene was up on top of the BowMac sign and wasn't bringing home a vanilla milkshake for his wife, promoting cars for 8 days, there was a decrease in the poison, within her system.  

It was enough to convict him of murdering his wife. Rene was found guilty, served 12 years and was released. 

Amazing the secrets held within a strand of hair, isn't it? 

How does a strawberry milkshake sound, to go along with that Triple-O burger, the next time I'm at the White Spot? Did I say the burgers were also to die for?

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