The Medieval Warm Period - Does It Prove The World Is Naturally Warming?

And you should be, Mr. President. The temperature of the earth between 1900 and 2000 has risen about 1º F, ten times faster than it ever did in history. What this suggests is this heating period of Earth is not caused by a natural occurrence. At the present time the earth is 1.4º F hotter than before the start of the Industrial Revolution of the 1700's. 

All the signs point to human activity. You've heard the saying "An Ecological Footprint" try to leave as small of one as possible after you've passed. Well, it's too late we already have, and it's a big and a deep one. At the present time we are cooling the upper atmosphere and warming the lower atmosphere creating the Global Warming Effect which can only be caused by air pollution.  

No, it's not solar radiation, that can only claim to being doing under a tenth of the damage, in the last century and no it's not Cosmic Rays or radiation. Changes in the Earth's Axial orbit and the Earth's tilt, are responsible for some of the cooling but that has been happening ever since dinosaurs roamed the planet, contributing very little to the quick overall warming of the planet.

Carbon dioxide found in the air today has nothing to do with volcanos, nor does it come from the oceans. Data that has been collected disproves these theories and in fact shows that it is increasing, and is measurable, proving the oceans are getting more acidic as the days pass. 

Just because it got warmer in Medieval times during the "Medieval Warm Period" that means nothing. It could just have been a weather anomaly, a regional or a hemispheric phenomenon, not reaching further than the borders of Europe.  

It's a proven fact that air bubbles in ancient ice cores, show concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide which correlates with global temperatures for the last 700,000 years. It's these last few hundred years we have to worry about and of course the future.

We will be surprised, what a degree or two can do to the over-all temperature of the Earth. 

Bring your bathing suit, the weather promises to get warmer.

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