The Laser Beam - Targeting Cockpits and Pilots

British Columbia is going through a rash of powerful laser beams, hitting airplanes, a new threat to Aviation Safety. The cockpit and the pilots being the target.

In the last week alone, it has been reported that airplanes at YVR, have been hit three times landing and departing, injuring two of the pilots eyes. Nothing serious but it could have been.

Little do people realize they could be arrested for flashing an airplane with a laser. Under the law in Canada, under the Aeronautics Act, a person convicted could face a prison term of five years and a fine up to $100,000. Depending on the damage done.  If a plane crashes because of your thoughtlessness, heaven help you.

People think it's impossible to get caught flashing an airplane with a laser beam, but that's not the case. RCMP have tracked the last laser pointer to the town of Steveston, a stone toss from YVR. They don't realize this is 2014, times have changed, the airport is under 24 hour surveillance and that includes airspace. Since 911 these threats are taken seriously. Could you imagine what a terrorist could do, and it wouldn't surprise me if it were not terrorists doing it now? What about twenty people or so, each flashing a beam directly into the cockpit of an airline simultaneously, what damage could that do, flying over the city of Vancouver.

The retina of the eye, when damaged is irreparable. Luckily, two pilots flying a Westjet airliner that were beamed and injured last Monday landing at Ottawa's airport, safely landed the plane without any problems.

There were only a few reported cases by NASA up until the 90's, after that the incidents started to increase, between 96 and 99 there were 150 reported cases. In 2004 and 05 a significant increase, which triggered hundreds of "copycat beamers," who treat it like a game and continue today. In the United States and Australia there has been many coordinated attacks to actually bring down planes. Terrorists or teenagers?

Why would someone need a laser set up like this?  Watch video.

There's probably one being flashed right now, tonight!  A perfect night for a flashing. Foggy, which makes the beam even brighter, more deadlier.

This is a hand held laser just as deadly:

It's only a matter of time, until someone gets hurt or there's a major catastrophe. It calls for the total ban on selling of all laser beam devices. What do you think? There are hazards.

Should we bring back the hickory stick pointer for teachers?

All I know is I wouldn't want to be in an airplane when the pilots get zapped. That's all I'm saying.

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