"The Choking Doberman" The Ultimate "New" Urban Legend

This urban legend has happened in almost every city. Every city has their own version of the story. I first heard this one about fifty years ago and still holds true today. The story peaked in 1981, but still continues to this day.

Most of these legends all contain a dog, a Doberman.

The story went like this...

A woman comes home from work one day, in a hurry to go on her dinner date. Her dog (Lucky) a Doby, didn't greet her at the door as it usually did, she eventually found him lying on the bedroom floor convulsing. She wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him to the vet.

She remembered her dinner date, so left the dog in the good hands of the vet. When she got back home the phone rang and she answered. It was the vet.

"Get out of the house," he yelled.

She ran out of the house, not knowing what to think, out onto the street and into the arms of the police. Upon investigating they found an intruder in the bedroom closet, covered in blood. 

Apparently, the dog was choking on two of his fingers. 

You've heard it before?

The reason I heard, it was a Doberman was because at the time, Doberman dogs were in the news, as a breed that couldn't be trusted, but the story that you might have heard could have been any big dog. The story might have been under another name, mine was the Choking Doberman.  

The victim is usually a woman, alone in the house. The dog is protecting the house. The intruder is a man and depending on who is telling the story, the severed body parts are not always fingers, if you get my drift. Wink, wink!

Stories like the Hitchhiker, on a lonely road, sitting in the back seat, or the hooked hand of a killer murdering teenagers at Lover's Lane, are similar urban legends which get upgraded as time passes. Probably the hitchhiker story started on a gravel road in a Model-T.  

See what I mean, when I say the story gets tweaked after a few tellings. The Choking Doberman, since I haven't heard it lately, could now be called something else, the Gagging Dog, etc. 

No matter how many times this story is told, the woman has never been identified, nor the vet in question. Also there has never been a criminal reporting losing any fingers and there are no police records of an event like this ever happening.

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