Sudbury's Big Nickel, What Will Aliens Think?

Imagine what aliens think, 100,000 years in the future, landing on earth. Man has long disappeared, annihilating themselves through global warming, nuclear wars, starvation and disease. 

They land their UFO in a remote part of the world where a city, once called Sudbury existed. A thriving human community. 

They come across this huge, 30 foot in diameter and 24 inches wide, strange object. A primitive flying saucer, they think standing on it's side. The humans, called it the Big Nickel.

It was made from stainless steel sheets with an engraved surface and 12 sided, being held together by a long fossilized wooden structure? Symbols called numbers, a date, 1951? Letters, Canada? Is that language, they wonder?

A picture engraved of a creature called a Human, (King George VI) on one side. "What an ugly creature," one alien says to another. 

Plant life! Leaves from an extinct plant called a Maple tree, engraved on the other, side. They recognize it immediately, as a distant relative of the aliens, themselves.

They contemplated the objects purpose, propped up on a pedestal like that. Other artifacts were found in close proximity that humans had called, Dynamic Earth. Was it a monument of some kind, worshiped as some kind of god, something to be revered? Why would they build such a temple to exhibit them and what do they represent? They examine a huge decorative slab of granite they think is a sacrificial alter, they nod their heads together in agreement, relating it back to other ET's in the space ship flying low overhead, that a primitive cannibalistic creature had once lived here, called Man and another sub species called Woman. 

What if they found out what it really was? That yes, we humans did worship it and that it represented prosperity, strength, a future. The demigod called Money. Humans lived, ruled and died for it until it finally consumed them.

Can't you see them shaking their heads, looking up at it, wondering what the hell was so important about the ugly thing. It had no use. It was never meant to fly, with no means of power and being attached to the ground.

Later, they discover another monument, similar but smaller, in another area. They imagine it was built for the worshipping of the son of Big Nickel, which the Humans curiously named, Toonie.

The aliens surmise; "Toonie" must have ruled Earth during the end of times. 

After looking around a bit, they get beamed back up into their ship and take off never to return.

Could happen, that's what I think.

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