Phobos - The Doomed Mysterious Moon of Mars - Is It An Ancient Abandoned UFO?

Phobos, one of two moons of Mars. 

There has been a lot of attention and speculation placed on Phobos lately, especially by the Russians. Why? 

Phobos (Greek) meaning fear, is closer to Mars. The least reflective of any body in our solar system. It's cold and crater faced, a radius of 11km and irregularly round, like a potatoe. Seven times bigger than Deimos, the other Mars moon, orbiting twice daily 6,000 km off the Mars surface. Both were discovered by astronomer Asaph Hall, in 1877. 

Phobos is being drawn closer to Mars by gravity about a yard a century, eventually to crash into it, 43 million years from now. 

Conspiracy theorists in the early 50's speculated that Phobos might be hollow after a Russian astrophysicist named Samuilovich Shklovsky suggested it to be a shell of a space ship. Built of thin metal sheets, a long abandoned alien super structure. A hollowed out space station of enormous proportions.

We've sent many a spacecraft to Mars just to investigate Phobos; the Mariner 9, Viking 1, the Global Surveyor,
Orbiter, the Spirit Rover. Russia sent Phobos 1 and 2. The first got lost in space and the second worked for awhile but eventually stopped sending photos. Phobos 2 also filmed an anomaly, a photo of a UFO, a cylindrical shaped object a mother ship filmed on March 25th,1989, approximately 20 km long and 1.5 km wide, after the last frame was sent back to Earth, Phobos 2 disappeared. They then attempted to send Fobos-Grunt, China also sent Yinghuo-1, which didn't even get out of Earth's atmosphere and crashed back to Earth.

A report was taken and they determined the object was spinning and that Phobos 2 was struck by an unknown object before they lost communication with it. 

Was Phobos 2 shot out of the air? What crashed into it, and what is the object that the last frames of the video show?

Plans are now underway by the Russians to send robots to Phobos and make a return flight, since at the present moment, with the knowledge we know about space travel today, it's an impossibility for man.

This image was taken by Navcam: Right B (NAV_RIGHT_B) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 613 (2014-04-28 04:48:22 UTC).
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Is this all just another conspiracy theory or is there any truth in it? We will soon find out when Mars gets a rush of countries trying to figure it out.

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