Once You Are Dead, Stay Dead - Don't Come Back To Life

There is not too much we know about death, in fact we know nothing. 

All I know is it's inevitable and will happen, and when it does, there is no one who really wants you to come back. People make sure of that. I'm talking, if you are in the grave and come back to life as a zombie, not just clinically dead as in an operating room. I mean Dead, dead! People just don't want you rising from the grave, plain and simple.

It's as if death brings us more to life. That there is a journey we must take as ancient burial sites have claimed, inserting tools, food and things we will need to take with us on this journey to the afterlife. Flowers were laid on graves to provide an aura of something living and give happiness to the deceased and a circular closed wreath was placed on the grave so he would not return.  

In history, all mourners were to wear black, women especially, since they usually outlived their husbands. For a period of up to seven years, plus; they had to wear a veil, to hide behind, so the dead wouldn't recognized her and she had to stay away from the grave for a distance of several miles, just in case the dead husband decided to come back to life, and torment her, or turn her into a vampire.   

After someone died, you dared not leave a body on it's own in case evil spirits interfered with it. You had to leave a window open so the soul could escape the room easily. The curtains were to be drawn and all the mirrors covered.

Ghosts are a sad lot. They will make hell for the living here on Earth. So, once buried, they are never to be moved, unless blessed first.

This brings up the famous case of Nostradamus. When his body was exhumed one hundred and fifty years after his death, in the year 1700 they found around his neck a medallion, the date embossed on it, the year 1700. Weird!

We all know what to expect, after seeing the movie "Poltergeist" where a developer builds houses on sacred burial grounds. Not a good idea!

What do you do with a corpse?  

When removing a dead person from a death bed always take his feet out first. You come in head first, you go out feet first! If you've ever noticed, when a person enters an operating room on a gurney he enters the room feet first, and removed from the room head first, the opposite. If on a boat, the body must be buried at sea, dropped into the water feet first, or there will be stormy weather ahead.  

Eyes are always closed. It is said, open eyes look for the next person to die. Nor never speak ill of the deceased. And as a final gesture the front doorstep should be washed, completing a story that perhaps began with "Carrying Over the Threshold."

So, hopefully when you die, you stay dead, because nobody wants you to come back from the grave, unless you're Jesus, himself. 

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Ref: Superstitions - Peter Lorie

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