Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 - A New Conspiracy

It was only six months ago, March 8, 2014, when Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 went missing after going off course from Kuala Lumpur, heading for Beijing. How could we forget, the event being so well reported? As the world scoured, searched and sifted through all the evidence and speculations, what really did happen?

Have we not been left up in the air so to speak, not trying to be disrespectful, that one of aviation's most unexplained mysteries to date, which happened right before our eyes could still go unexplained?

A new conspiracy theory.

We think it crashed about 1,800 kilometres, out to sea, off Australia's west coast. That has never been verified.

We believe the 239 people that were on board were all killed in the crash. That has never been verified. Not one piece of the plane has ever surfaced, if it did indeed crash into the water. Nothing.

There is one strange event happening in China right now. I'm not sure how significant to the case it is and that is...

...Family members of the passengers missing are being watched by the Chinese police. Any event organized by them such as mass praying have been downplayed in the news. Reporters from main stream television barely report the events. Foreign media have been prevented from attending and filming. Family members feel the government is deserting them and/or, there is something being hidden and kept from them.

"We cannot rely on the government to find the truth," said Dai Shuqin, a bereaving family member, who still wears a t-shirt, that pleads for the safe return of her loved ones. 

What does she know that we don't?

At one rally, police ordered a procession of mourners to stop, banning them to enter a temple to pray, after 8 cops tried to separate the reporters from the relatives.

Does it matter that 153 of the passengers were Chinese nationals? At least two of people who had children on the flight have been beaten by police, one of them a 50 year old woman had to be taken to hospital. 

All of the passengers bank accounts have been frozen, adding insult to injury for the surviving families. Why?

"The police are acting very extreme, they are watching our houses 24 hours a day, they've raided us in the middle of the night," Zhang Yongli said, also a mother who had a child on the flight, a Chinese nationalist.

Even the girlfriend of one of the passengers, an American, believes there's a coverup. She claims satellite-tracking data proves there are some hard evidence lying at the bottom of the ocean.

Here come's more speculation.

The Vanishing Act - Cannes 2014

...Watch for the movie. "The Vanishing Act." I'm sure we will get some answers even though they might be a little exaggerated and full of Hollywood drama. 

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