Kairos Has Arrived For Islam — The Destiny Of All Peoples Is At Peril — The End Is Nigh

I've been hearing the word, Kairos quite a bit lately, as I watch the news on television. I've never heard of the word before. Especially hearing it, when the articles are about the middle east, Israel, Ukraine, ISIS, and Hamas.

It has become time for Islam. It seems appropriate and possible. The most opportune moment. Kairos is a word, for a passing moment that Islam must go through with force if it expects to be successful. 

Where proof of Allah, will be delivered. It will be swift, spontaneous but a given, and implies that we will have knowledge and involvement in the environment when this moment takes place. 

"Kairos time is a moment when a portal opens between time and eternity so an event can take place in its fullness, as appointed by God, to forever change the destiny of all people." —Faisal MalickThe Destiny of Islam in the End of Time

In Christianity, Kairos means, "It is time when God acts" and is used 81 times in the New Testament, referring basically to the Second Coming.

The future is looking bleak, when we use words like this in mainstream conversation. Prepare yourself for Kairos, a time predicted in almost every religion. 

The end is nigh!

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