I Wonder What Tomorrow Will Bring, Disaster-wise?

Sometimes I go to bed wondering what the next natural disaster or any disaster for that matter, will be. I never know until morning. The thought actually keeps me up some nights and won't let me fall asleep. 

It happened on the night before 9/11, I couldn't sleep, on the eve of the Indonesian Tsunamis, which ravaged the coastline killing thousands, I couldn't sleep, the same when Hurricane Katrina hit and the avalanches in the back country of British Columbia, claiming the lives of many a snowmobiler. I've come to the conclusion anything could happen as one sleeps. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Disaster-wise, that is!

What could happen? 

It might be a natural disaster, a type of environmental hazard, which includes an earthquake, which could cause a tsunamis or a flood, hundreds of feet deep, which also fosters mould-spores, harmful to a persons health, as an after-the-fact-hazard. 

Maybe a hurricane with 300 kilometre an hour winds. In the winter maybe a blizzard and freezing weather. On the prairies, a tornado ploughs through an RV Park. In the Rockies an avalanche or heaven forbid another volcanic eruption, we are due for one. After all, Yellowstone Park is heating up, and if it blows, the whole coast goes with it, including me.

It could be anything, from a downpour that never stops to a drought, a heat wave, killing hundreds of thousands.

There are biological hazards that could turn into disasters, like disease. Ebola has already killed over 2000. I wonder how many will die by tomorrow? Sources could include bacteria and viruses, even insects, plants, birds, animals and other humans. We have an invasive fish species, here in one of our local parks.

What about the technological disasters? The nuclear and industrial accidents, the chemical and oil spills, the power failures. The building of damns that have displaced millions of people, all over the globe, drowning many historical artifacts and covering miles of fertile agriculture land.  

These are all disasters of huge proportion. I don't even want to think about the old ash tree out back that threatens to crash down at any moment, onto the house. I just hope I'm not home in bed when that happens, trying to fall asleep, thinking about what the next natural disaster is going to be. It could be me.

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