Halal - Assimilation or An Example of Gradual Domination?

Halal, any object or action permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic Law. I've never heard of it until today. In this case I'm talking about food that is Halal. Is it a form of cultural assimilation or an example of gradual domination?

Did Allah know the variety of foods that existed on the planet, oh so many years ago? Did he know what a pineapple tasted like, or a kangaroo? Or other creatures that people ate, unknown to him but a major food source for many people around the world.  

"Australia where's that?" Canada, moose-meat are you crazy? A beaver, I just couldn't swallow it!" says Allah.

Did Allah have a vision of a world where food would be invented, as if by miracle? Could he even imagined a bowl of Fruit Loops? Is bubble gum free from being labelled, "Halal?"

"Did he ever have the pleasure to eat the meat of an earless seal, a walrus, a polar bear? Mighty tasty," says the Inuit princess, a god revered and worshiped by her people as much as Allah is to Muslims.

Almost everyone in the world has had a sip of some kind of alcohol in their life, very few haven't. Some people drink blood, tapped directly into an artery of a cow, a renewable source of energy. I wonder if Allah, tried that?

What is the proper way to slaughter an animal? Does it matter which way it is facing as it gets its throat slashed? Do you have to say a prayer to Allah, as you are doing it? What good does Halal do? It does nothing for the poor animal being slaughtered? And, wouldn't Allah be bombarded with these prayers, countless times a day? Do you think he's listening? How many animals have to die this way, by slicing their throats, everyday, by the millions? Who has time for that? 

I imagine Allah being a little too busy to be listening to all the prayers, if he did, he'd be a pretty busy guy? 

Do all beasts have to die facing east to west or north to south, and only by slashing their throats a certain way? A way that Allah deems the most humane. Was he an expert on death? What is it the; Islamic lust to slice throats? 

The stun gun is now, slowly being introduced as an accepted and more appropriate method to be used before slaughter. Did someone rewrite the Quran?

Now really, who would want to eat a Bald eagle? Or a Barn owl? Not me. Vulture? No thanks! 

I pass on eating anything that would eat me if they had the chance. I go for the grazers and the peckers, that's all. Allah doesn't have to tell me that. I wouldn't be caught dead eating something that was already dead from other causes, before being slaughtered. Allah doesn't have to tell me that, either. Nor would I indulge in Blood pudding, or anything made of blood, except a transfusion and that's only to save my life, but I know some people do. 

But Allah says, "NO, BLOOD." then added, or blood by-products. Really?

I try to stay out of peoples business when it comes to eating, we all have different tastes. After all did Allah know what a juicy pork tenderloin, tasted like?

No way would I let someone tell me what to eat, especially someone who has been dead for centuries because, I just love the occasional banana vanilla milkshake. 

Of course, Allah never heard of the term 'vanilla milkshake,' but he did know of vanilla and he requested people to refrain from using it, but...

"I ain't gonna stop, eh?" 

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