Greys - Are They The End Result Of Human Evolution?

Could it be, the aliens that we call Greys are not extra-terrestial beings at all but us, humans from the future, time travellers?

Almost every report of alien encounters include a Grey. They all give descriptions that are similar; short and pale, where they derive their name, with no observable external organs such as noses and ears, but they do have big black eyes, that are almost almond in shaped. They have a mouth, usually just a small slit but they don't need to speak since they seem to talk telepathically to one another, and no one ever sat down to dinner with them so we don't even know if they eat or not. If they do, we don't know what they eat.

What if man survives for another 30,000 years, what will he look like, a Grey? It sounds logical that he would.

Our noses and ears, baby toes, even our chins are disappearing as we speak. Our brains got bigger, so we needed to accommodate for that, with bigger skulls, now they're getting smaller, just like electronic computers. Remember they took up whole rooms, now they fit it your pocket.  Your brain might too! 

Hair, we're losing it!  We all will be born bald as a billiard ball someday and we'll stay that way throughout life. Ask any hairdresser, they know.

Luckily, we have other ways to keep warm.

Have you ever gone on a tour of a old Fort and ever wondered why the doorways are so low, or beds so short. People were shorter then, it's a scientific fact. Humans have grown at least a couple of inches since the 1600's, so man from the future could have grown tall, shortened, grown tall again, shortened over and over. Maybe overcrowding of the world makes humans shorter and smaller so they don't take up too much space, over the evolution of mankind.

There is one thing that doesn't seem to fit when comparing a Grey to a Human and that is; they don't seem to have any discernible bone joints. No elbows or knees. As if they have a flexible outer or exoskeleton like an arthropod

If that is the case, they aren't human and I don't see why evolution would do that, change our inner skeleton to an exo one. Unless, they aren't human at all but bio-robots from the future. 

They might be just plain aliens from another world. Our very first option but then why would they have Human characteristics? Let your imagination be your guide, there is no rhyme or reason.

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