Did Dinosaur Farts Cause Global Warming and Bring an End to the Cretaceous Period?

Back in 1991, there were these three scientists in the United States; Simon Brassell, Karen Chin and Robert Harman. They studied dinosaur farts.

After studying the millions upon millions of years of dinosaur flatulence using dinosaur dung they published a report disclosing their findings. They determined that all those years of dino farting during the Cretaceous Period may have contributed to over-all global warming. 

While studying the fossilized dung they noticed signs that bacteria and algae were also present, which indicates that the dinosaurs digested their food by fermentation, which releases methane gas. You know what that smells like if you have ever driven past a pig farm or cattle pen. Other scientists differed on the subject, smelling a little bull-shit on the part of the three scientists. 

One scientist named Eric J. Barron, a climatologist from Pennsylvania State University was quoted as saying, " I wonder whether or not there were enough dinosaurs to make that substantial a contribution to atmospheric chemistry."

At least it's a theory.

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