Dangerous Polyethylene Microbeads, You're Brushing With Them.

Take this morning. The pollution going down the drain.

Seven billion people rising at the crack of dawn, stumbling to the washroom and the first thing they do is reach for the toothpaste to brush their teeth, fearing night breath.  I don't know why people use toothpaste because there are two ways to brush your teeth.

1.  Use toothpaste and kill all the bacteria (good & bad). Brush then rinse. The toothpaste goes down the drain as you spit it out, going through the system and eventually getting flushed out into the ocean. Using toothpaste and mouthwash masks unpleasant odours, which may be a precursor to a more severe problem.

2.  Don't use toothpaste, brush using just water. Rinse. It goes down the drain. No chemicals are put into our water. If you are healthy, your breath should smell fine, just by using water.

The more serious reason why you should not use toothpaste is fluoride, used to prevent tooth decay. You don't need anymore than whats in our water in the first place. You basically want to wash away all the sugars accumulated in your mouth. That's the secret to keeping cavities at bay.

Today there is a bigger problem with toothpaste, most contain polyethylene microbeads (scrubbing beads), potentially harmful to teeth and gums, which are raising a concern among dental hygienists. Crest Toothpaste will be phasing them out of their products by March 2016, as stated on their blog/website. All others will be following suit. 

All these little plastic beads floating around in our oceans and lakes. Billions and billions of polyethylene microbeads, added to the swill, twice a day, that's every morning and night. They've got to be doing some kind of damage, but of course, they are deemed a safe food additive by the FDA.

Ask a fish and listen to what they have to say.

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Kathleen McCormick, LCSW, MPH said...

Thanks for the info. Floride I knew about, the microbeads I didn't. I use Tom's toothpaste without floride. I wonder if these beads are in that too...