Crystal Methamphetamine The Sex Drug, Popular With The Older Set

Tina, or her real name, Methamphetamine, the sex drug, also known as Crystal, Crank, Meth, and Ice was once very popular among Gay people during the late 90's, peaking in 2005, then usage started to decline after a federal law limited the use of pseudoephedrine a primary ingredient. 

Tina never really went away, instead she went underground. Now, she's making a come back with those same people that partied with her years before. Those same people, are now in their 50's, 60's, 70's. Someone in their 80's would be no surprise. 

All over North America not only the LGBT communities, but many straights are reporting similar findings.

Meth targets the pleasure centres of the brain, after being ingested, either by snorting, dropping or "slamming" injecting, releasing waves on waves of dopamine which fuse with the sexual pleasure centres of the prefrontal cortex. It turns off the part of the brain which controls our better judgement, and increases our sexual desires. 

We are talking older people here, returning to the drug, the over 50+ crowd, gay or straight. You would think they'd know better but, no. 

Meth is Neurotoxic, not like cocaine. Cocaine, derived from the coca plant is natural and washes quickly from the body and leaves the receptors unharmed to an extent to repair themselves over time. Where Methamphetamine is man-made, and your brain was never meant to process it, so it sits on the receptors for hours, meaning the trip could last for hours without being replenished. The damage is done, recovery could take 20 months for dopamine levels to return to somewhat normal. Remember the damage is already done.

To make matters worse, once Meth has been expelled from the body so does sexual desire, making recovery even harder to overcome.

Users have low self-esteem to begin with. That's why they start; to belong, to be part of the group and for sex. The danger lies with poor judgement, having multiple sex partners and unsafe sex. 

Meth is so easy to get now-a-days, thanks to the internet and dating sites. Sign in, look for words in a persons profile, such as Chem-friendly, or PNP (party and play). Hook-up and make the connection.

People do it once, then do it again, then every night until the person experiences "Suicide Tuesdays." We don't want to go there. The point of no return.

Tina's back and she's coming to a party near you, gay or straight, Meth doesn't discriminate.

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1 comment:

Abagail Apples said...

Wow, that's just plain crazy. I don't have an addictive personality but the body does. Meaning, I've been there and done that before I knew or should have known better. Interesting though because I was born with a chemical imbalance in my brain that is permanent. Basically my brain does not cycle dopamine at the required level to exist in this life without depression and suicidal idealations. So when I happened upon this drug, for me it did not cause me to be sexually excited, but normal as to living a productive life. Therefore, as well as having ADD and narcolepsy, I, instead sought medical and professional help. I take many vacations from the medicine prescribed me, but with total caution. Otherwise, I'm prone to 100% borderline personality disorder. Meaning, I cycle longer emotionally. Basically, a drama mama. So this is interesting to me, because I would have to do more research and see if even the medicine I take is likened unto meth. Meaning, pseudo. Because, I've learned that meth actually breaks down the brain and the components of nerves, etc. turns the brain basically into mush. Hence the whole head and face transformations of what looks like actual bone break down along with tissue damage that is irreversible. To me, that was enough. And my point is when I take breaks from the medicine prescribed me to help me even want to live, the ending result or effect seems to be the same... weeks on end of recouping and recovery without any seemingly break from the effects of having taken the medicine. So is even medicine itself prescribed by physicians healthy? I personally don't think so, but then again, for me it is, considering the options of a broken personality and even suicide; I wouldn't even exist right now. Even medicine can alter the physical body and break down essentially the body and alter one's appearance. So what is the lesser of the two evils... medicine prescribed by trained official Doctors and legal. Also, the effects of the medicine are closely monitored, whereas, with meth, there is no monitoring and basically becomes a vicious cycle and permanently altering of the physical body. So, why on earth are individuals who must know the bad of this drug returning to it? Lack of wisdom, experience or hope? I think the latter. Why be so stubborn to destroy the one feeling that you are trying to conjure up by using this drug>? I think there's more to it than just sexual gratification. Meth speeds up the body functions as well. Many are lethargic from unhealthy life decisions already, from eating habits to work or just plain lazy. And too lazy is it. Too lazy to look up healthier alternatives and to seek professional help. Or any kind of help would do, as the withdrawal affect is traumatic to say the least. 20 months to recover? That's insane, but more so because it's illegal and for good reason. Idiots they are and sad, because some may really be able to claim ignorance, as meth can make you plain stupid. It's not worth it and shame on the older generation for this or should I say, repent and turn from it, then shame be gone. Live a life worth living. Otherwise, there's no hope let alone, life.