Could Jesus Have Been, Half-Human and Half-Divine?

What I mean to ask is; could Jesus have possessed human characteristics as well as divine characteristics and is this possible? To be both. Stephen T. Davis, a hard core deep thinker and contemporary analytical philosopher thinks so. He puts it this way for his argument in C.S. Lewis "Was Jesus Mad, Bad, or God?", which he used to prove the divinity of Jesus.

1.  Jesus claimed to be divine, explicitly and implicitly, absolutely leaving no room for doubt.

2.  He could only be one of two things when he claimed to be divine. He was either right or wrong. 

3.  If Jesus erred claiming to be divine, then he was either mad or bad. You would think so. How many people have claimed to be God?  It's not that uncommon. 

4.  We all realize Jesus was not a bad person. So, was he mad?

5.  We all hope Jesus was not mad, crazy or insane, and believe he wasn't.

6.  So, Jesus was not wrong in claiming to be divine.  He had no evil intentions, nor was he crazy.

7.  So, if Jesus were not wrong then he was right in claiming to be divine.

8.  Therefore, he could only be one thing!  And that is Divine.

In general, people believe that Jesus could not have been half-human and half-divine because the two are logically incoherent, they can't belong together and is meaningless, neither true nor false. To make things easier to explain; humans are finite where God is infinite.  You can't be both, in one body. It's like comparing a square and tying to fit it into a circle. So the claim, Jesus was half-human and half-divine is absurd. 

He had to be either. A man. Or, the son of God. He cannot be both. The choice is yours.

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ref: On Jesus - Douglas Groothuis

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