Was The Sasquatch Responsible For The Decapitations?

Canada is such a vast country, much of it still unexplored. There's one such area in the North West Territories above the 60th parallel called the Nahanni Valley accessible only by air, water or hiking in, about 250 acres of untouched wilderness. A national park since 1976 and a World Heritage Site since 1978. A perfect setting for the story I'm about to tell you. 

The Valley of the Headless Men

There is an old Indian oral legend of an unknown evil and of an ancient tribe that lived in the area called the Naha. There are no records of such a tribe or what ever happened to them. 

The area became known as the Valley of the Headless Men during the gold rush when some unexplained incidents occurred.

Willie and Frank McLeod were two brothers on their quest for fortune, gold in the Klondike, setting off in 1906, to cross the Nahanni Valley to find the mother lode. For two years there was talk of the brothers discovering the mother lode, they were never seen again. Alive that is. Two years later another mining expedition discovered the two men dead in a makeshift camp. Their bodies headless. 

Nothing really special. They could have been killed by bears and their heads eaten, until.

In 1917, another headless body was discovered in the area, a man by the name of Martin Jorgenson. He was found next to his burnt-out cabin, decapitated. His head was never found.

Then, another body, an unidentified miner from Ontario, in 1945 was found in his sleeping bag. Guess what? His head missing.  

Another man John O'Brien was found frozen beside his campfire, a pack of matches in one hand, in the other, one match ready to strike the box. As if frozen instantly but he still had his head, I thought I'd throw it in, same area, kinda related. Strange.

In total there have been 44 people that have met their deaths while being in the area, reasons include; wild native Indians, grizzly bears, even sightings of the Sasquatch! Some legends claim Nahanni Valley, is some sort of a Shangri-La or an entrance to "Hollow Earth" because of the hot springs throughout the area. Strange sounds have been heard echoing throughout the valley for no apparent reason or any known cause.

Sounds like a great vacation spot. I'll have to put this on my bucket list of things to see in Canada, eh!

I'm up for adventure.

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