Time Travellers Caught on Film - Unexplained Photographs

Who is the strange looking individual, standing in the middle of a crowd of onlookers? Take a look at this black and white photograph taken in 1941 when a crowd had gathered to watch the re-opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, Canada. Bralorne, is a small old gold mining town that houses a museum, filled with memorabilia from the Gold Rush days, this is one of their photographs. 

In 1970, This photograph was rediscovered in their files which opened a huge can of worms when released to the public. It has since gone viral over the internet.

Notice the man wearing the groovy looking sunglasses, totally out of place in clothing not from that period. He seems to be holding a modern-day looking camera strapped around his neck. He is wearing a cardigan type of hoody, and a modern printed T-shirt which people never wore at the time.

Is this proof that there is such a thing as a time traveller?

The Bralorne photo is not the only evidence of time travelling.  Remember these;

The woman on the cell phone, taken in 1928, from an early Charlie Chaplin film.

Or, the 1938 photo of women leaving a DuPont factory, obviously one is talking on an early model cell phone.

If not on cell phones what are they listening too?  Can these photos be explained. I guess we will never know, taken so long ago. 

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