The Greatest Thing A Person Can Do For Mother Earth Is Not To Breed — Armageddon by Over-Population

It's estimated that 25% of the population of the world today, does not have electricity, 13% of the population has access to fresh clean water and 1 out of 6 people going to bed tonight, will go hungry.  The cause, over-population.

In 1959, the world's population reached a whopping 3 Billion, by 2050, the population is expected to be 9 Billion, three times what it was back in 59. 

In perspective:  In 1957 it took the Earth's population 33 years to double itself.  It was next expected to double again in 28 years and it did.  Then again, in the next 24 years, and so on and so on until by the time you get to the year 2011 the population of earth was officially recorded as 7 Billion. That is 1400% above it's sustainable limit. The Earth increases by a billion every 10 years and soon will be doubling on a daily basis, then an hourly basis, then every minute. Talk about over-crowding. Armageddon in the making.

Most of today's problems are caused by our need to breed. There has to be some solution, to rebalance, and depopulate before it's to late. 

The earth ideally, can support only about 500 million people comfortably, to a max of 1 Billion. The Earth was never made to support these large numbers of people. We are spiralling downhill on a road to man's extinction.

Remember a time, when scientists said, there is enough food in the ocean to feed the world many times over? Remember when there was clean air to breathe? Ask that to someone in Bejing. One day we will be asking another question,

"Do you remember what a tree looked like?"   

Education is the key, with access to reproductive health services. Without it we're all doomed it could be the end of the world as we know it if nothing is done now.

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