The Golden Age Came To An End. Has Religion Been Preaching All Along, What Scientists Are Telling Us Now?

Ancient myths and legends have described a time called "The Golden Age." Where everything was perfect, no fighting or wars, no reference to time nor seasons. A world full of abundance.  

Such stories as places like Atlantis and Mu, the lost continent or Lemuria sinking into the sea, during times of enormous upheaval, earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves, causing havoc on earth beyond our wildest dreams. New continents were formed. All this happened from 11,500 to 13,000 years ago. Scientists back it up with fossil records. 

The biblical "Great Flood" has been repeated countless times around the world, in many religions, under different names. The story of Noah, basically is a repeat of a much older story from an ancient area, now Iraq. Sumerian extraterrestrial 'gods,' Anunnaki wanted to destroy humanity but one god named Enki warned the Priest-King Ziusudra of the coming flood and to build a boat, then take on board the beasts of the world. 

Then again, the story of a Noah figure named Atrahasis, repeated in Babylon, being warned of an on-coming flood and to build a boat.

You can see the story repeated almost everywhere on earth, from different cultures, beliefs and continents. A time of great heat, with boiling seas and mountains breathing fire. Where it rains blood. The sun and moon disappear followed by months of darkness. The earth flips, the sky falls, the land rises and sinks, the ice comes. Coincidentally, they all talk about the huge tsunami, a wall of water that sweeps across the earth, killing most of humanity.

This event has been recorded in cave paintings, and petroglyphs, take the "Stickman" or "Squatter Man" an image repeated all over the world.

Squatter Man or Stickman

As David Iske mentions in his book, Remember Who You Are;

"Does anyone still seriously believe that the Grand Canyon in Arizona was scored away by the Colorado River? You would laugh at the very thought if you stood at the edge of that canyon and looked down at the tiny river way in the distance. I have been there a few times and it still makes me chuckle. How ludicrous!"

All these legends explain why trees are found completely fossilized, leaves and all. Mammoths have been found in the ice, still standing with clumps of grass wrapped in their trunks ready to put into their mouths, undigested food still in their stomachs.  Obviously, it happened suddenly with no time to react. Rocks to big to move are scattered around the Earth. A study of 50,000 wild plants on Earth today, originated in one of eight spots, high in the mountains. Plato wrote that agriculture began high in the mountains after the great flood. 

Hate and greed were supposedly not known before the time of the 'Golden Age.' Imagine that!

The few lucky people that survived the end of the 'Golden Age' had a new problem on their hands. They were cast into a dark, dark world, which to this day, we are still trying to emerge from.

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