The Ghost of Peg Entwistle - She Climbed the Letter "H" and Jumped To Her Death

Peg Entwistle (Millicent Lilian Entwistle) a rising young star, only 24. The year was 1925. A Broadway actress who left New York for Los Angeles. A younger Bette Davis was said to be a great fan of hers, she was reported saying to her mother that she wanted to be just like Peg Entwistle when she grew up. 

She got a contract with RKO Studios and appeared in one film, in 1932, Thirteen Women, a complete flop.  Things got worse for her, she lost the contract with RKO and could no longer find work. 

One night she told her uncle she was going to go out for a walk, and never returned.

Apparently, she walked quite a distance, in her spike heels, climbing the Hollywood hills to the old Hollywoodland sign. She placed her fur coat, shoes, purse and gloves neatly at the bottom of the letter "H" then climbed the maintenance ladder to the top.  

Standing there looking out over the city lights, she jumped into a 100-foot ravine. Her body was discovered two days later by passing hikers and identified by her uncle. 

She left a suicide note. It read;  

"I'm afraid, I'm a coward.
I'm sorry for everything.
If I had done this a long time ago,
it would have saved a lot of pain.

Funny how life works out; a few days after her burial, a letter was received from the Beverly Hills Playhouse hoping she would star in their next production. It would be a part about a rising young beautiful Hollywood starlet who commits suicide at the end of the play because she didn't get the part. Talk about synchronicity.

Her ghost, as a pretty young blonde dressed in 1930's clothing is said to haunt the area where the new Hollywood sign stands now. Gardenias her favourite flower can occasionally be smelt around the base of the sign where no gardenias are growing. A park manager reported on multiple times, movements were detected by motion detectors, even when they were within four feet of the sign.

If she only had waited a week before making that final decision, who knows where stardom would have taken her.

That's synchronicity!

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