The Future of the Elusive Bigfoot Living in the Comox Valley Depends on One Single Photograph

What Sasquatch wouldn't what to live in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island? There's no place like it, supernatural British Columbia!

Gord Kurbis is a man on a mission. The Vancouver Island man believes he's going to get down to the bottom of the Sasquatch conspiracy and reveal the truth, using Infra-red cameras and other special equipment to get photographic evidence. He says the Comox Valley is the perfect setting for a Sasquatch to live.

So far, he hasn't captured any images of the elusive Bigfoot, but when he does he believes it will be the most important animal discovery of all time. 

He had a life changing vocal encounter with what he believed was a Sasquatch, while he was a caretaker at a remote B.C. fishing lodge. It screamed into the night for over an hour. It was like no other scream he had ever heard, not a bear or an elk, citing it must have had enormous lung power to create such volume.

When he moved into the Valley and heard stories from his neighbours about them seeing and hearing a strange creature inhabiting the local forest, his curiosity got the better of him and he has been an avid Sasquatch hunter ever since, amassing data and evidence, vocals tapes and footprints. 

He's hoping to hit the jackpot and catch the creature on film as it moves through a natural corridor in the forest.  

If he does succeed, hopefully it will put an end to the debate of whether Bigfoot exists or not, but I also hope it doesn't put an end to the Sasquatch itself. I can imagine the little town of Comox, population 13,000. Could it handle the throngs of people that will come looking for it after that famous first photo is taken. 

I'm afraid Bigfoot might move on.

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