The Belgium Wave - A UFO Or Hoax?

The most baffling of all UFO cases is the Belgium Wave which began on November 29/1989. Although sounding like a science fiction tale right out of a comic book, it remains one of the world's most documented and unexplained of all UFO sightings. 

It involves thousands of witnesses, many of them police officers in different locations around Belgium, on and off for two years, who swore a low flying, triangular, silent object, the size of a baseball diamond, flew over their heads. There were some grainy photographs taken of the object, but not that many, one specifically stands out as a true reliable image, but now considered a hoax. Two F-16s were deployed numerous times to track the objects but lost them every time, due to their fast accelerations and deaccelerations. As it stopped and hovered, it would shine huge spot lights on the ground as if looking for something.

Some people reported other shapes and multiple craft, that didn't show up on radar, but at least two were seen together so we know there was more than one.  It tilted as if bowing to one crowd that had gathered to watch and showed a round domed window, as if trying to engage with their mesmerized audience. People flashed their car headlights on it, it flashed lights back. There were no electromagnetic disruptions, no aggressive behaviour,  they didn't try to hide, they preformed manoeuvres impossible by todays standards, pointing spot lights, something did happen, there is no doubt.

The famous picture taken by Patrick Marechal of the Belgium UFO was for 20 years believed to be a true image of the UFO, but in 2011, he confessed that the picture, a piece of cardboard with white spots painted on it, to be a hoax. But that too, could be a hoax, a cover-up by the Belgium Government. Who knows?

The original fake photo taken by Patrick Marechal

The picture may not be real but the case is still shelved as unexplained, due to the many witnesses. Maybe there will be another wave, who knows, and if it does, everyone will have their cell phone cameras on the ready, aimed at the sky. 

We will all be able to make our own judgements then, instantly, via the internet.

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Ref: UFOs Generals, Pilots,and Government Officials Go On Record
               -Leslie Kean

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