The Alien In You — Could Ants and Man Have Evolved From One Common Ancestor, the Insectoids ?

When someone tells you, that you've been acting 'Antsy lately,' what do they mean?

Do they mean you have characteristics like an insect, specifically an Ant? 

Ants have been around longer than us. They were here when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Some fossils have been found that are dated to be over 130 million years old and are on every continent except, Antarctica. If there are no ants in Antarctica then why did they call it Ant-arctica? Just asking. 

This brings scientists to the conclusion that ants haven't evolved much in all these years, not like we have. 

Ants all have heads which contain the biggest brains of the insect world, which are large in comparison with other parts of their bodies, a thorax, and an abdomen, like us humans with our heads which have become too big in proportion to our bodies, and makes giving birth so painful and dangerous. 

Even though they have six legs and a set of antennae which we don't have, and five eyes instead of two like us, they basically all look the same, but there are different colours and sizes of Ants as is with humans, black, red, brown, yellow, blue (there are a few), even two toned and multi coloured ones, big and small. Twelve thousand different species in all, within the Ant family. How many species of humans, one? there use to be three, believe it or not!

Yes, we've probably all watched as an Ant picked up an object 50 times bigger than itself, carrying it back to the nest in its jaws, with what seems like supernatural strength. It doesn't stop and say to itself, "No, I can't lift that," it just does, or dies trying.  

Try to block it's path, it will not falter but go around. Block it again, it will go around again, like having tunnel vision, one aim, one goal. They never throw in the towel as we might do, lets admit it they're a stubborn bunch, I've had a few friends, just as stubborn. 

They make plans and relate info back to their fellow workers, as if gossiping, even storing food for a winter supply, doing everything just like us humans. 

If we had their muscle strength we'd be able to toss a Cadillac without flinching across the street. They've been known to defend their colonies, as we defend our ours, staging war and subduing others, just like us. 

Ant soldiers fight to the bitter end, they show no mercy or pity, as some of our armies do. They even commit atrocities for the good of the whole, like some of us do. Suicide and self-sacrifice are within their grasp as in ours and almost every worker gives their best at all times and are dedicated to the cause, to survive. 

We do too, or should! Should we?

They are doers and don't sit around waiting for orders. They need no education, whatever they do need to know, they've already been programmed by their genes. There's no need for Ant police, they run like a military state anyway. 

To them, there is no right or wrong, there is only one way, and that is their way, an Ants way. Have you ever tried to train an ant to do a trick, it's almost impossible. They just won't listen. Collectively, a colony of 40,000 ants supposedly has the mental capacity on one human being. Or is it the other way around?

Some Ants perform insect husbandry, domesticating other insects and farm plants (fungus), they become their protectors, they fertilize and harvest the bounties, much like man has does, domesticating animals and tilling the soil for our own food consumption.

As Ants have increased in population like man, land has become a coveted commodity. It's been estimated that there are 1.5 million Ants for every human on earth. Termites are included in the Ant family. All these ants produce a lot of methane gas as a by-product, contributing to global warming, like us.

No species of Ant intermingles or associates with another species, there is no such thing as multi-culturalism. They live in colonies and cities just like us. Any other species that moves into town is considered an enemy no matter which side of the fence it sits on. In one acre of Amazon jungle there are at least 3.5 million Ants, some have been known to enslave other Ants taking them captive and forcing them into work detail, not unlike humans. Queen Ants, (Poyergus) sneak into colonies of (Formica) Ants where she kills their queen, enslaves all her workers and becomes the new queen of this alien species. They house, feed and groom her, as if emotional towards her, caressing her, doting. 

She never will need another thing in her life except she has to produce eggs for her keep, day in day, day out, day after day, after day. If she fails, she's ousted. The workers will do everything for her, but let her make one mistake and off with her head, which sounds very much like how the Royal Families have behaved throughout history.

Man and Ant are both master builders. In comparison by size, an Ant hill is much taller than any skyscraper built by man. They build bridges, damns, tunnels and roads, that Hoover himself, would admire.

The difference between Ants and humans are; they help one another no matter the task, things we would do reluctantly without asking for compensation. 

If an Ant feels ill and needs the day off, there's always someone willing to replace him. They get rid of him. We call it mercy killing or dying with dignity. 

All the Ants in the colony are all friends. Ants have been observed greeting one another in passing, as if stopping to say hello and chit-chatting a bit before carrying on and will always step aside for his fellow Ant and allow him to pass. Watch humans on a busy street car, avoiding touching, even eye contact with one another, words hardly exchanged.

Some ants bury their dead just like us, in their own private cemeteries. Could that mean there is a possibility of an Ant heaven or hell? So many questions from this one little physical action, taking care of their dead. How aware or cognizant are they?

Like one neat little society.  There are so many similarities. 

Could Ants and man have evolved from one common ancestor, the Insectoid, for us to become a half man, half alien insect creature, called a Human? After all we have so much in common.

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