Superstitions and Your Car - Our Most Treasured Saint

Saint Christopher

Almost every Catholic who drives a car has a Saint Christopher's medal hanging from the rear view mirror on a chain, hidden in the glove compartment, or under a mat. Hell, you don't even have to be Catholic.  You just need to be superstitious.

Saint Christopher, the supposed protector of all travellers is our most treasured saint, after the original Saint, asked God that wherever his body lay dead, to please protect it against pestilence and mischiefs. God must have answered his prayers, because the face and bust of Saint Christopher ever since has adored the doorways of churches and entrances to towns. It is said that if a traveller saw the image of Saint Christopher, he knew he would be in a safe place. 

The automobile is our basic mode of transportation so it makes sense to turn it into a shrine to Saint Christopher. To keep us safe during our travels.  

Some people tempt fate boosting that they've never been in an accident. This practice is frowned upon, because it is believed that God sees everything and doesn't like people feeling too confident. He gives them a shock every now and then when they do, in the form of a car accident.

Never ever buy a car on Friday the 13th, or you will be on a first name basis, down at the garage. A guaranteed lemon. Also, if you find a brand, are content with it, never sway. Once a Ford driver, or a Chevy driver stick with what has worked for you because changing your brand also changes your luck.  

If you've had two accidents, worry about the third.  All things come in threes.

Put a lucky penny under the seat.

Try to buy a car once owned by a priest, it'll sure be economical if the Pope has his way.  It has probably been blessed.  No hearses, they just look creepy, no need to jump the gun. 

Rain makers in primitive cultures splashed and sprinkled water around to make it rain. It worked! So, if you wash your car today, splashing water all over it, then it will certainly rain tomorrow.

It isn't surprising that the most requested numbers are odd numbers 3, 7, 9 when ordering new licence plates, since those numbers are protected by the gods themselves.

So, next time you get into your car, find that Saint Christopher medal and rub it between your fingers and thank your lucky stars you've made it this far, but don't boost, you don't want to stir up the curse of Saint Christopher. 

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