Smart Meters - The New World Order Is Gaining Momentum

The Global Smart Grid, needed for the New World Order, it includes Smart Meters that regulate your electricity consumption. Your local electricity company is installing one for every house, a new Smart Meter, free of charge. Over time, a new electric meter will be installed in every house on the planet.  

Here is a list of concerns about the Smart Meter.

1.   Each meter can individually identify which devices are being used and at what time and for how long. This is considered an invasion of privacy.

2.   Each meter can monitor household activity and occupancy. Who's sick, what kind of sex you are having, in which room. Remember turn off power to electrically heated water bed or you'll have no secrets.

3.   Each Smart Meter transmits wireless signals. These signals can be intercepted and used for unauthorized and unknown criminal activity like blackmail, private hackers, and law enforcement.

4.   Smart Meters send information to permanent databases that collect, record and store our daily habits. Do they really have to know when I woke up the other night to go and have a pee. It was recorded, I turned the bathroom light on. Agents can use these databases to review a detailed permanent history of a house, far in the past or yesterday. Day-by-day, hour by hour, second by second. And make educated guesses on upcoming usages.

5.    By definition, Smart Meters are surveillance devices which violate Federal laws.

I've heard people that refuse to switch to a new Smart Meter, have been over-billed, harassed for payments in full, and even cut off from their service.

Big Energy Corporations say, no one can "opt out" of the Smart Meter. The Law says we must "opt in" or face the alternative. 

If for any reason your electricity consumption increases and they can't see why, you can face a police raid. Take for an example, you are washing and drying your sons, PEE WEE uniforms, you've offered to wash the whole teams, dirty soaks and all. The washer and dryer goes all day. The laundry room lights are glowing the water heater is bubbling. The iron is on, Oh, but you don't have a Smart Meter, the executives can't tell what's happening. To them you have a marijuana grow-op in your basement. The police are informed. Plain and simple. 

There have been reports of people getting physically sick from these Smart meters, their radio frequencies and electro magnetic radiations.

Watch out! Big Brother will be watching and it won't matter if you shut the doors and close the drapes, just don't turn on the lights, nor sit on one of those fancy electrically heated toilet seats. They'll be watching.

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