She Hated What She Was! It Cost Many That Trusted Her Their Lives.

Poor, poor Stella Goldschlag, a compulsive liar, a German Jew. She hated that fact. She was a sexy, blue eyed, blonde-haired beauty, who often was mistaken for an Aryan.

As a Jewish child during the rise of the Fascists in Germany (1933) she wasn't allowed to attend public school, so she attended a makeshift Jewish School. Her family was persecuted and attempted to leave Germany but they didn't get out in time. She eventually grew-up becoming a dress designer and married a Jewish musician in 1941, by the name of Manfred Kŭbler. They had met when they were both in a Jewish forced-labour camp in Berlin and were forced to go underground to avoid deportation to the death camps.

A "Catcher"

Eventually, she and her family were captured and tortured until she submitted to becoming a "Catcher," in other words a rat for the Gestapo, if they spared her and her parents. She agreed and excelled at her new position, with an excellent memory, turning in her old Jewish girlfriends from the Jewish School she attended. She conned and bribed Jews and Gentiles pretending she was a U-boat, (a German term for a Jew pretending to be an Aryanian,) for information about other underground U-boats, turning them over to the German authorities, receiving money, food and a temporary reprieve from deportation for her and her parents. Those Jews she ratted on were loaded onto cattle cars and sent to the ovens.

In 1943, the Fascists changed theirs hearts and decided to send her parents and husband off to be gassed. It didn't phase her, she continued with her work for the Gestoapo with zeal. One night alone, she helped the Gestapo arrest 62 Jews. She eventually married another snitch-rat by the name of Rolf Isaaksohn. 

She survived the war and went into hiding but was caught by the Soviets and imprisoned for 10 years. After that she went back to Germany where she faced another 10 years, but served no time because of the ten years already spent in the Russian prison camp.

Later she converted to Christianity, became openly anti-semitic and a self-hating Jew. She had married a total of five times, three of them to non-Jews, then after surviving them all, committed suicide in 1994 by jumping out a window. It begs the question why did she wait so long, why didn't she do it sooner, instead of letting all those innocent people die, what kind of narcissist was she? 

In the end, she had turned 600 to 3000 Jews over to the Gestapo, many her friends and associates.

She was indeed, the "Blonde Poison" that seduced Jews to their deaths. She earned that title. 

Amazing isn't it, what a person will do to avoid death. 

I guess, I can't judge not walking in her shoes, all I know is what I might have done. This was a life or death situation. We all make choices we regret. I wonder if she had any.  

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