Nazi Euphemisms Are Now Being Used By ISIS. What's the Connection?

I've been hearing a lot of "Nazi Euphemisms" lately.  You know those vile, extremely offensive words or expressions that when heard, send shivers down your spine. Milder, kinder words, but we know exactly what they mean, the complete opposite.

Some Nazi euphemisms were meant to amuse us, while others to mislead us. Euphemisms are basically cover-up words, that downplay what is really the truth. But, this time it's not the Nazi's spewing out this filth, it's the cult "ISIS.

Hitler knew the importance of euphemisms when dehumanizing the Jew during World War II, using euphemisms in many of his speeches. He used words like "purify" and "cleanse," and "The Final Solution" all euphemisms for extermination. What did he call the Jews living in German land, the "Jewish Question", "vermin," and what needed to done, "decontaminate" and "disinfect."  

Cloaking the murders of the disabled with words like, "Unworthy of Life," then moving on from the disabled reason for extermination, to racial reasons. They were to receive "Special treatment," the gas chamber.

Instead of using the word kill or murder he used "special action" "resettlement" "evacuation." "Protective custody" which meant off to jail without trail.  "Ghetto" for the Jewish settlement region, later becoming a word for the killing centres of Poland.  "Labor camp" meant death camp.

There are countless others but the most cruelest of all euphemisms, using deception and irony was the infamous death camp-entrance signs;

Work Will Set You Free. 

And over the gas chambers;

Bath House

And over the crematorium;

Special Installation

Listen to the news tonight on television. Listen to the wording coming from Islamic Extremists (ISIS) in Iraq. Sounds very much like Nazi Germany did during the 1940's.

There once was a Muslim, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, his name was Hajj Amin al-Husseini. During the 30's he organized Arab attacks against Britain and the Jews in Palestine and Iraq. He was welcomed by Hitler with open arms and would allow Jews to enter and resettle Palestine, but made a pact with him, that if Germany won the war it would deal with all the Jews in Palestine also. He was responsible for thousands of deaths but thwarted capture and the death penalty by living in various Middle Eastern capitals until his death, he never stood trial for his crimes.

Does that same pact, among the two; the Nazis and ISIS, still stand?  Sounds like it does. They are using the same words and euphemisms. 

Strange, how life keeps repeating itself.

Dog Brindle

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