Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Who's the Fairest of Them All? Mirrors and Superstition

Mirrors and Reflections

One of the oldest beliefs of man; a reflection is another version of the original. If the reflection is damaged in any way then the soul is also damaged.

It is said the mirror is a tool for the Devil, after all, does anyone really find anything positive when looking at themselves in a mirror? I don't.

Do you look at yourself to see how pretty you are or do you look, thinking something is wrong and you'll be able fix it?  

Why are mirrors or any reflective surface for that matter associated with bad luck, superstition, urban legends, vanity, sinister dimensions, even where Satan himself dwells? How many times have you noticed something good about your appearance?  Never, hardly ever.  Why is it we see all the negatives but by-pass the positives?

We've seeked out our image since time began and we've all heard that breaking a mirror will bring seven years bad luck, and that superstition dates back to early Roman times when people believed life renewed itself every seven years and thus breaking the mirror, damages the soul it reflects until it is able to renew itself after a duration of seven years passes. 

Mirrors are often used when preforming magical rituals in divination (catoptromancy), fortune telling, reading the future and scrying. Vampirism reflects mostly, with the negative aspects of a mirror, since they can't see their own reflection. Michael Jackson is said to have used one constantly when he was scrying. A mirror on every wall in Neverland. 

A mirror is said to reflect a person's shadow soul and reveals a person's true nature. Vampires and demons have no reflections. 

It's also been said that everyone has a Doppelgänger! Our own personal black ghost.

When someone dies in a Jewish home, they cover all the mirrors in the house for a period of seven days for fear the deceased spirit becomes trapped inside of it and unable to move on to the after-life. In other houses they are all covered every night in case the sleeping dreamer walks into one and never returns. Some cultures bury a mirror with their dead, to keep them from wandering and rising from the grave.  Apparently, once the dead body see's itself dead in the mirror it accepts its fate and moves on, going to heaven or wherever.

Could a mirror be a portal into another world? A mirror and a dark room are dangerous together.  Reflections from candlelight in a mirror will show all the entities in your house and not all of them may be nice. 

Its been noted in folklore that if a mirror falls and breaks by itself, someone close will die. If you see a reflection of someone who recently died, you will soon die too. Never look over someone else's shoulder when looking into a mirror, for sure bad luck will follow. 

When hanging a new mirror in your house, make sure it is high enough not to cut a tall persons head off in the reflection, whoever looks into a low hanging mirror and has to bend to see his complete body will be plagued with severe headaches.

Is there anything good about mirrors? 

Well yes, the Hubble Telescope. But then again, it too, if I remember right had it's own unique problems.

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