Marijuana 'The Magic Bullet' - A Deep Rooted Need to Believe That We Can Be Healed, Cured and Be Free of Pain.

Marijuana The Magic Bullet

You can go to a doctor today and get a prescription for just about anything that ails you.  The term "Magic Bullet" was coined by Paul Ehrlick over a hundred years ago for the chemical and/or biological agent that could be devised to target a disease or condition and stopping it from progressing, even curing the person. Sometimes after we've built up immunities from these drugs they have turned on us, letting bacteria and viruses to morph into super-bugs. 

Most prescriptions prescribed by doctors are not for a matter of life or death but more about pain relieving, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. High cholesterol. Tummy and headaches. There is nothing about life or death going on here. 

It's been recorded that half the population in North America are on at least one prescription drug, 20% are on three or more. The sad part of it is they are mostly older people. The ones with all the aches and pains. 

You could say you don't take any prescription drugs but what about antihistamines, the Lipitor, diet pills, high blood pressure pills, the antibiotics we've taken over the years? I won't even mention the drugs given to livestock and chickens that eventually end up in our food chain.

Drugs are used to define us. We love going to the doctor and getting a prescription. It's our deep rooted need to believe we can be healed physically and mentally, cured free from disease and free from pain. Oh, the need to be free from pain.

Luckily, my doctor has prescribed my kind of drug for my kind of disease, Medical Marijuana, to deal with my phobias and the trauma I go through writing these blogs.  I'll try my best to hang on.  ; )

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