Kraken - It Rears Its Ugly Head. This time, in America

I'm not the type to go on rides at carnivals, I don't enjoy them. Hell, I don't even drive a car fast. I hate heights, speed, and abhor physical thrills to the point of vomiting. I walk and talk slow, my feet usually firmly planted on the ground. 

We've all seen pictures of the legendary giant sea monster Kraken with its many arms. In German, the word Kraken means octopus. The Kraken are common fictional creatures, said to live in the waters off the coast of Norway and Greenland. A giant squid, with tentacles estimated to be 40-50 feet in length, more crab-like than octopus. Japan has it's own version of Kraken, the creature is called, Akkorokamui and supposedly lives in Funka Bay, in Hokkaido and has been sighted many times since the early part of the 19th century.

Besides being depicted on postage stamps, and on a bottle of black spiced rum, it has also been depicted in popular  literature and film, television and video games. Alfred Tennyson wrote a poem about a creature that lived at the bottom of the sea, called The Kraken. Herman Melvilles' novel Moby-Dick in Chapter 59 describes an encounter with one such monster. Jules Verne met one in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea in 1870.

Now, we're in the 20th century and the, 4177 foot-long Kraken, has reared its ugly head again. Where? This time in America, at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida.  

Experience the Kraken yourself like I did. Watch the video. I won't be going on, ugly monsters scare me.

Dog Brindle

Ref: Beyond Bizarre by Varla Ventura

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