Kafir - The New N-Word. Infidels Be Forewarned!

The socially unacceptable N-Word got tossed out of the English language and has left a void. Another more vulgar, more horrendous, a mean spirited word has taken its place. The Arabic Islamic religious word for infidel or unbeliever, Kafir

What is Kafir?

Kafir is a racial slur for a person who rejects the "God of Islam" and hides and refuses to accept the domination of God (Allah) and denies and covers what is the Islamic version of the truth, the "Endless Jihad." It also means any believer of any religion other than Islam.

If you are a non-Muslim, take offence from such a word. To Muslims you are Kafir and deserve to die.

The Quran uses the word Kafr 134 times negatively, as a noun 37 times and using different linguistic derivatives as verbs 250 times. The person called a Kafir is extremely unpleasant in the sight of God and cursed wherever he goes, to be laughed at, terrorized and punished. The unbelievers of Allah, are evil, to be killed until not one Kafir is left on the face of the earth.

Today the Jews in Israel are "the kafir." Disbelievers are described in the Quran as people who love the life of this world, more than the after-life the Quran describes as heaven. Kafirs' are ignorant and arrogant, say blasphemous words and turned their backs on Allah. He will not forgive them. Ever. 

Any Muslim will say the word is used today to refer to a non-Muslim African native. In other words slaves of Muslims.

The word, Kafir is a new kid on the block. A bully. Non-Muslims, should be leery. Someday it will mean extermination for the Infidels.

This short video explains Kafir in depth. And why you should sit up and take notice.

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