Have We Ever Aggressively Attacked A UFO? The Answer May Surprise You.

When commercial jets encounter a UFO there is very little it can do about the situation, but when a military fighter jet, fully armed meets one, that's another story.  

Are UFOs a real threat to national security and has our military ever aggressively attacked, a flying saucer or UFO? The answer may surprise you.

Yes, we have.

The military operate under different guidelines. A commercial pilot's duty is for his passengers safety, his reputation and of course the companies reputation as well, but a military pilot's aim is to obey orders and protect the homeland from attack, always on the ready to fight an invasion or terrorist attack, using whatever force is necessary within their capabilities. In other words, commercial pilots have to keep quiet, on what they see and the military doesn't. They must report any threats no matter what it is. The thing with the military is that they keep news of alien aircraft to themselves, so any reprisal from the public is stifled right from the start.

The Story: The Tehran UFO Incident

In 1976 a major in the Iranian Air Force, General Parviz Jafari, had orders to scramble his F-4 II Jet and observe a low flying object above the city of Tehran. He ended up chasing the object in a cat and mouse scenario, eventually targeting a Sidewinder missile at it. Moments before its release, all the jets instruments went blank. They only came back on when the jet moved away from the object. This happened repeatedly, as smaller UFOs or Orbs appeared surrounding it. They aimed, they lost control of their plane. They got control and aimed again, but again and again, the instrument panel went blank, only to return to normal after they lost sight of the UFO. 

Four years later, the same thing happened over a military airbase in Peru. Lieutenant Oscar Santa Maria Huertas had orders to scramble and intercept what was thought to be some sort of spying device. He fired at it repeatedly, but had no effect. When the object was floating stationary he would aim at it, an easy target, but it dodged all the shots fired its way.

Both stories are true, Jafari only had orders to observe, but felt threatened by the object. It would be hard to imagine a UFO traveling at supersonic speeds, inches from your wingtips, that's why he shot at it, where Huertas had specific orders to shoot it down and destroy. Neither realized at first how futile their attempts were going to be. 

After many such incidences, the military have disclosed that no UFO has ever attempted an attack on anything let alone us, (well maybe the odd cow) it is us who is always the aggressor. 

No one really knows what would have happened if one of their missiles did hit a UFO. There was never any crashed UFOs or parts of UFOs found. 

Would the shit hit the fan after the aliens got fed up with our antics? Would we have just signed our own death warrant? We better be careful who we shoot at in the future. It could be a matter of life or death, as far as us humans are concerned. 


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               -Leslie Kean

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