Frotteurism - The Compulsion To Rub Up Against Someone

In a Bank Line-up

A young man in his twenties stands in line at the bank, uncomfortably too close behind a young woman standing in the same line ahead of him. She feels what is like his brief case touch her leg as he sits it on the floor between them, believing it just an accident, and waits for the man to step back. He doesn't. Instead she feels him rub up against her thigh. She steps ahead, out of harms way. Of course it was just an accident. She goes to the next available teller. He leaves the bank after making a deposit and I'm not talking money.

On a Crowded Bus

A middle aged man offers his seat to an obviously fully mature woman on a crowded bus. As he stands, the bus jolts and his groin rubs up against her thigh. To keep himself from falling completely onto her, he stretches his arms to reach out for the support bar and seemingly innocently, touches one of her breasts as he reaches for the support bar. He says he's sorry and she accepts it. It was just a quirky accident, he never meant to touch my breast, she thinks. In fact things happened so quickly she didn't even realize he had touched her breast, or rubbed his groin up against her. He got off, a few stops later and I'm not talking about getting off the bus.

This nonconsensual paraphiliac sex act is called Frotteurism, a criminal offence, deemed a misdemeanour, a form of sexual assault. Being found guilty of such acts can result in a stay at your local psychiatric treatment facility, or maybe even jail.

I wonder if women are ever afflicted with this type of mental sickness. I don't think you'd have too many men complaining. Just saying.

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