Five Places Where Ghosts Are Seen, More Frequently Than Others

Are there certain places that you might see a ghost better over others? Are hauntings more common in one spot? According to Coast to Coast, Ghosts written by Leslie Rule there are.  Here are five of the most likely locations that you'll likely spot a ghost.

1.  Looking out windows of haunted houses.  In most photos, a woman's or old mans face is seen in a window pulling back curtains either in the attic or upstairs on the second floor. Watching the comings and goings of the house. Usually a dark shadow, in the only lit corner window.

2.  Coming down or going up staircases. A scorned brides specialty. This is a classic. Every castle has a women that stands at the top of the stairway and fades as she descends the stairs.

3.  In hallways.  Of course there has to be no lights, a thunderstorm that cuts off the power. Something jumps out at you as you feel your way around a corridor. A usual setting could be in a prison or mental institution.

4.  Usually the ghost is sitting in a rocker, or an old smoking parlour chair playing poker. A child with a doll, an old lady.  A bunch of ladies having tea.


5.  In mirrors.  Be careful brushing your teeth, your doppelgänger may be watching.

Of course there are ghosts seen; hitchhiking on lonely highways, even driving cars, on ocean liners out at sea, captains and crew alike, in elevators, cellars, stairwells and hotel rooms. How could I forget graveyards and dark forests? The list is endless. 

I've come to the conclusion; apparitions can be seen almost everywhere, but these five ghostly locations you have to admit, seem to be more frequent than others.

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