Experts at Shapeshifting. The Eboli Virus. A Living, Non-living Alien.

Alien shapeshifters have been living here on Earth since the beginning, long before man ever dominated the earth. What they lack in size, they make up with quantity. There are approximately a quadrillion, zillion, zillion of them living among us today, in many varieties, give or take a zillion, zillion, zillion.

There are many forms these microscopic aliens shapeshift into, different looking viruses from spherical to golf ball-like, from rod-like to tadpole-like, helical having the form of a helix or polyhedral, more than one. If you can think of any shape no matter how complex, viruses probably have morphed into something similar in shape. Some of them are smaller than bacteria, and much more deadly. The problem is, some of them, like humans too much. They need to feed off us to survive and thrive.

They have a very simple chemical structure. Their cores are made mostly of nucleic acid, usually one kind, either DNA or RNA which have non-cytoplasmic infectious properties, surrounded by a protein coating called a capsid. 

They are deadly and are host specific in the sense that they carry transmissible diseases after entering human cells, their living hosts. They can live in the most hostile of regions here on Earth and resist with a vengeance any attempt to eradicate them.

These aliens he called viruses were first discovered living on earth when in 1892, a Russian botanist Dr. D. J. Iwanovsky first spotted a virus by accident, while working in his lab, on a tobacco plantation. 

What's so unusual about these aliens is; they exist in a state, between the living and non-living, neither alive nor dead. How can that be? 

We are being attacked right now in Africa, by the deadly Ebola Virus

                           The Ebola Virus

It kills it's living host and there is no cure.

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