Dirty Electricity — Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs) A Global Warming Trade-off. Now a Health Hazard

The words fluoride and fluorescent have one common denominator, a deadly element familiarly called, Fluorine derived from the mineral fluorite, from the Latin root fluo, meaning to flow. That's a lot of Fs.

Fluorescent lighting has many negative aspects, these include vibrational, chemical and radiation on human health. Some people affected more than others. These light bulbs are made to emit a disharmonious vibration, radiation and toxic chemicals if the bulb is broken. Photons are released from the mercury atoms in ultraviolet (UV) radiation wave-lengths, causing people to become ill and develop a red rash on their faces. UV light also affects paintings, watercolours, and textiles.

Flickering causes problems for some people that are sensitive to that sort of thing, also disrupting photography and video recordings. This flickering has sometimes been recorded so strong that it affects the infra-red sensors on remote controls for televisions, they would mysteriously change channels, turning on and off by themselves. Philips Electronics has confirmed this phenomenon.

Reported Health Problems:

1.   Mild to Severe Headaches (migraines)

2.   Itchiness

3.   Dizziness and Nausea

4.   Numbness and Tingling Sensations

5.   Tired, Fatigue and Weak

6.   Difficulty Sleeping

7.   Restlessness

8.   Chest Pains

9.   Heart Problems

10. Memory Loss and Concentration

11. Irritable

12. A Feeling of Stress and Anxiety

13. Depression

14. Mood Swings

15. Difficulty Breathing

16. Muscle and Joint Pain

17. Pain in the eyeballs

Over exposure to this Dirty Electricity, which is an an unbalanced electromagnetic field, can disrupt the electromagnetic balance of the body and the electrical circuits of the brain. Smaller fluorescent bulbs, (CFLs) and tube lighting used in most public places do not diffuse ultraviolet radiation out affecting the air around them causing many different skin issues, not ruling out cancer.

Unfortunately, these lights will be around for a long time. Just remember they are most dangerous when broken and the mercury is released into the air.  

Billions of these fluorescent light bulbs burn-out and get broken then tossed into land fills every day, leaching mercury into the soil, and our waterways. The government should step in and label them as hazardous waste. The vibrations they produce are causing the general public to become sick. Scientists are warning people to "stay at a distance," and recommending to "avoid contact for more than an hour."

It has become a debate between global warming and/or using low-energy lightbulbs, CFLs. A catch-22. I'll be damned if I do, damned if I don't, situation.

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