Dextrocardia a Form of Situs Inverses. Should You Be Concerned Or Do You Have It Backwards?

There are one in 10,000 persons born with bodies that are opposite of what they should be. It is a rare medical condition where the internal organs like the heart and lungs in the chest and intestines in the abdomen are a mirror of what is normal, the Doppelgänger effect.

It doesn't seem to be a problem for the ones afflicted, in fact many don't even know they have it until they need medical attention, leading perfectly healthy and normal lives. The condition is called, Situs inversus imaging, which means "inverted position of the internal organs." Leonardo da Vinci knew about it and drew it. 

One such person with the condition is our very own Canadian actress, SCTV's Catherine O'Hara. Her organs sit in her chest and abdomen in a perfect mirror-image of how they are normally positioned in most of us. 


It only becomes a concern if you need an organ transplant and the only available organ is taken from someone with their heart facing the wrong way called, 'Dextrocardia.' It would be like fitting a square into a circle, it just wouldn't fit. 

Or say, you are rushed to the emergency with appendicitis, you tell them where it hurts and they surgically go in to remove the damaged organ, but they don't find one. It's on your other side. 

See what I mean. It could be a problem. 

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