Are People with Rh-negative Blood Descendants From A Race Of Aliens Called The Anunnaki?

Most scientists today, believe modern man evolved from ape-like primates, some kind of monkey that came down from the trees and stood upright, grew odd thumbs and developed huge brains. There are a few that would dispute this, but not many, considering all the data and evidence gathered and collated by them that backs up such claims and theories. This would include blood analysis.

We are only our ancestors, nothing more. A zillion traits passed down from one generation to another, repeating itself indefinitely, called evolution. 

But, it doesn't make sense. If humans and apes are from the same ancestry our blood should have evolved on the same blood line. 

Blood factors are much more exact than any other characteristics. 

So, you would believe that statement true; our blood should be very much like that of a Rheas' monkey having the same common ancestor. All primates contain the Rh-factor

But no, there is a dispute. Who were the ancestors of people with Rh-negative blood? If not prehistoric humans, who then? Are they descendants from some alien race? The Anunnaki, Hybrids? Humans are the only ones that carry this trait. 

When a pregnant women has a baby that's Rh-negative inside her, it considers it a foreign object and a severe allergic reaction occurs and the woman's body builds up anti-bodies to kill it and reject it. Why would this happen, if we all come from the same ancestors?

It has also been observed that after the successful mating of a donkey and a horse, the mule was created; a hybrid, unfortunately, a smaller sterile creature. Humans are also the only mammal that experiences menopause and no one knows why. All other mammals reproduce until they die.

Does this mean that there is a possibility that early humans were cross bred with another now extinct species?

Or, if Rh-negative people are not at least mutants from the past could they be descendants from a different ancestor, the Anunnaki, aliens that descended from the sky, pre-biblical times.

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